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This Watermelon is new and nobody in produce has it yet! ‘Watermelon’: 10 boosts with centralized customer contact via WhatsApp

WhatsApp is hugely popular, also in the business world. However, there are times when the buttons on your phone are simply inconvenient. Due to an unique integration with WhatsApp, online service Watermelon offers a solution which allows you to chat with customers on your computer as the device, while the customer uses WhatsApp on his phone or device.

The devteam of Watermelon consists of young entrepreneurial minds from The Netherlands. Their web app offers additional features you will miss with normal use of WhatsApp. Applying the functionality of the Watermelon system, you can enrich the communication ability of your company towards customers. This way, you reap more benefits from WhatsApp as a channel, even when your company already applies WhatsApp chat in the traditional way (one to one chat on the phone as device).

So, in short this means: customer contact via WhatsApp through the web application of Watermelon.

Here are 10 edges you will miss when sticking to the traditional use of WhatsApp:

1 Fast: Chatting on WhatsApp using the keyboard of your computer.


2 Efficient: Helping multiple customers at the same time


3 Centralized: Multiple colleagues can use the application dashboard simultaneously


4 Transferable: Other colleagues can take over conversations at any time


5 Insightful: A clear overview of conversations on the dashboard


6 Safe: Conversations are protected against data loss through storage in the cloud


7 Convenient: Your customer can reach and interact with your entire team through a single mobile WhatsApp number


8 Customer-friendly: The customer is never on hold and waiting while you’re on the phone with someone else


9 Multi-medial: Extra support media with voice messaging, video messaging and photo’s


10 Enriching experience: You’re offering more service to your customer in addition to only phone and email


How does it work?

To know how this app can ease your work routine, you’ll have to see it with your own eyes. And you can! By leaving your details on the dedicated DEMO-page that Tacler Services and Watermelon have created for you, you will receive a live demo via the internet. Fully personalized and in the context of produce trading. Click here to order your demo and check whether this is for you!

Watermelon Interface



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