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Our own credit insurance: the tacler policy

Atradius, the biggest credit insurance company in The Netherlands, Xolv and Tacler Services have teamed up to offer the tacler policy. This covers for the risk of bankruptcy of a customer. At present companies headquartered in The Netherlands receive a discount of 10% on a two-year policy. When you are headquartered outside of this financial paradise, simply request our best offer.

To the credit of this credit insurance company, it is relevant to say that The Atradius Group offers numerous services from credit insurance to debt collection. It’s 160 offices in 50 countries give access to credit information of a 100 million companies.

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Besides credit insurance, Atradius also provides debt collection in the language of the customer. Thanks to it’s local presence around the globe, Atradius disposes of broad knowledge of the local ethics, culture and law. These insights are applied in good advice to the tacler community.

At the same time, the daily contact of Tacler Services with the industry, creates new opportunities for gathering input and feedback. This information is used for the improval of the service levels. Administration and service on the policies closed via tacler are managed by partner Xolv.

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