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What is a good talent assessment?

About André van der Wiel


“I love to help you find trustworthy partners. That's the reason I created this service platform.”

André is the founder of Tacler Services. This is a hub for knowledge and expertise in the market, as we collaborate with highly specialised professionals. These partners represent a tremendous value, most particularly in their business insights. We share these with the market, in various ways with different services.

“Who leaves a strong impression? Where is the network and the knowledge? These are the partners I collaborate with.”

André founded the tacler.com platform in 2010. This has grown into a large international network of professionals from the produce industry. From this network came many requests for good service providers. In a natural way, this created a role of intermediary advisor. Networking and relation building are of crucial importance in this.

“André has a talent to create a practical fix in numerous circumstances. Hence a desirable person to have alongside when you encounter all sorts of trouble that demands a smart solution.” – TalentAssessment

When matchmaking contacts, the success depends entirely  on the trustworthiness of the suggested partners. Therefore, a good analysis of the persons and companies involved is indispensable. It is the foundation of creating a personal match.

“André disposes of an exceptional talent to create new commercial concepts based on existing ones. This is useful when founding a new Enterprise or when creating a new product, or for development and improvement of software.” – TalentAssessment

Tacler Services aims to be a central point where produce entrepreneurs receive broad support. Once you meet our partners, there’s no need to look any further. Smooth and fast execution with trusted partners. That give you a homecoming feeling. To be understood. Where you are read and heard. Where your needs are fulfilled.

Strengths of André:

  • seeker of quality
  • open mind
  • frank and unabashed
  • sensitivity
  • conviction
  • feel for language

Historical background

André enjoyed an education as agricultural engineer for the tropics. With a specialization in commercial plant production on large scale and internships in Latin America, he received a deep understanding of the production of tropical fruit. Of the local culture and language. The circumstances in the tropics often require an active hands-on approach.

Back in Holland, André began his carreer as a quality engineer in the food industry. First at Le Duc Fine Foods as Quality Assurance manager. Then as Quality Engineer at Budelpack Co-packers, for outsourcing of promotion packages of multinationals. The collaboration with customers like Unilever, Procter & Gamble and Masterfoods resulted in expert knowledge of food safety and quality control. And naturally also of the packing process. Short term projects often meant fast execution. The most enjoyable however, were the planning sessions for new commercial launches and market introductions.

As Quality Assurance Manager, the possibilities for conceptualization and commerce are rather limited. This lead to an early carreer-switch: Call Centre Manager at Spaar Select. To be an expert sales trainer in financial services turned out to be very instructive. A deeper understanding of Financial and Insurance products. And a top level of telesales and telemarketing techniques.

A desire to keep close to the agricultural sector and to have a profesional application of the Spanish language kept lurking. In 2002 this led to a job as produce trader at Marnifruit, which was then one year old. It meant learning the Italian language. Besides breaking open a new market in Norway and pioneering own imports from Spain and Latin America, the internal management of a BRC-certification was a side-task.

All the while Pieter Boekhout was a personal acquintance and practically a neighbour. It was a small step to become translator and editor at agf.nl in 2004. Articles started coming to Dutch from English, Spanish, Italian, German and French. In the same company, André became founder of three FreshPlaza editions, in English, Spanish and Italian. And ultimately Pieter and André founded the tacler communication platform together in 2010. Tacler resides in FreshPlaza Trade BV, which is a joint venture between Pieter and André. Tacler Services BV is an independent company, owned and operated by André.

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