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Would you like to experience good help? Let our trusted advisors support you. This means: fast execution with pleasant people. Short lines and clear communication. Years of experience in the industry and topical knowledge of current affairs. Specializations in our sector and a strong reputation. In short: industry veterans that will navigate your company through the storm. That brings stability and improved results. Curious already? Discover yourself!
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Klaas Kruise is our driving force at Atradius. We have our own Fresh Produce Credit Insurance: the tacler policy. At present, this discount is reserved for companies headquartered in The Netherlands, so request our best offer. The Atradius Group offers numerous services from credit insurance to debt collection. 160 offices in 50 countries give access to credit information of a 100 million companies. Klaas will map the risks for you and give advice.

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 Klaas Kruise

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Menno van den Ende is our specialist at ABN-AMRO Commercial Finance. Your working capital is stuck in receivables to your customers?  ABN-AMRO Commercial Finance can make it available again. We solve this by financing in a different way.

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Menno van den Ende ACF

Menno van den Ende

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Jeroen Ottevanger was previously a director at Atradius. Now he is our heavyweight at Xolv. Jeroen meets with CFO’s and CEO’s that seek to limit their risks of non-payment and want to optimize the credit management processes in their companies. Xolv offers working capital financing and credit insurance solutions. Thanks to partnership in the Keystone Trade Credit collective, Xolv is positioned well to service multinationals. Jeroen will analyse your credit management process and offer a financing proposition.
Jeroen Ottevanger Xolv

Jeroen Ottevanger

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Quality expert Otto de Groot is our contact at HDG Fruit Consultants. With highly trained engineers, HDG offers adequate response times and a detailed analysis. As quality surveyor specialised in fruit and with global customers, HDG can report on scores where others can not. How does your fruit perform compared to other fruits? Or how does it relate to the same fruit, but from other countries of origin? Your report will be broad, complete and concise. Do you need quality inspections anywhere in the world? HDG delivers!
Otto de Groot HDG

Otto de Groot

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As a lawyer, Hans Borsboom is particularly specialised in international contracts and international trade. He sets himself apart as an expert in the perishables trade and all the related laws and jurisprudence. Do you contract national and international partners on a regular basis? Or perhaps implement the use of written contracts far too little? Whenever conflicts with customers or suppliers arise, or you would like to prevent them, Hans will support you with expert advice.
Hans Borsboom Borsboom en Hamm

Hans Borsboom

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Thanks to years of experience in management roles at Dutch Horticultural company Red Star, Jan Baars developed as a technical specialist. Countless inspection rounds on many acres of greenhouses, cultivated Jan’s talent to perform an adecuate corporate scan and to bring a well founded SWOT analysis. Jan’s brain is hardwired to think in solutions.

Jan Baars

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Precisely because people often don’t know what they want, behaviour can be influenced by addressing the unconscious mind. How do we let people live healthier and let them eat more fruit and vegetables? Dr Arne Maas is enthousisastic about this purpose in business ánd knows the right marketing methods. He is Professor Marketing and Innovation at the Rotterdam Business University and advises companies with his consultancy firm Ameuse.

Dr Arne Maas

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On July 17 2015 Jan Vernooij opened doors after reconstruction of the fromer Jover building in Breda. Now there are 4 office units available, part of which has already been rented out. Logistic service provider Helmer BV organises handling, administration and warehousing. Check pictures and description here. Need space? Contact us now.
Jan Vernooij

Jan Vernooij

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Alexander is CEO and co-founder of Watermelon. That is the new web-app for centralized customer contact via WhatsApp. Because of Watermelons’ unique integration with WhatsApp, you can chat with customers using your computer. Multiple colleagues can support multiple customers simultaneously, chatting on their keyboards. That’s convenient, customer friendly and multi-medial. Curious? Request a demo!

Alexander Wijninga

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The website tacler.com offers a communication platform to the international produce industry. Here they share information about supply and demand. This leads to new insights and trade relations. Tacler.com is owned by FreshPlaza Trade BV, which is directed by major shareholder André van der Wiel. Part of this company belongs to the same group that also features AGF Nederland, FreshPlaza and Primeur magazine. Apart from these stands Tacler Services BV, directed and privately owned by André van der Wiel. Tacler Services makes use of the same brand and member base as tacler.com.
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