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New premium location in The Netherlands

There is new office space and cold stores available at a premium location in Breda, The Netherlands. For produce companies looking to establish themselves in Holland or that need relocation to new offices or cold stores, Jan Vernooij offers an ideal solution via Tacler Services. Recently built and fully furnished offices are immediately available, right beside the A16 high way and at the corner of the Breda auction premises. Also climate controled warehousing is availble via Tacler Services (click here to request rates and info).

Jan Vernooij was previously the owner and director of Dutch produce company Jover, which was sold to The Greenery. However, Jan remained the owner of the real estate. Jan has vision for the future of the Breda area, as a hub in produce. Which is why he has invested in his facilities, located at the entrance of a representative business area. Inside these buildings is also where logistics service company Helmer BV offers its services. This company is run by Lizette Noordijk-Helmer.

There are 7 reasons why this is a premium location:

1 Right beside the A16 highway, at the Princeville intersection.
2 Immediately to the left of the entance of the auction compound.
3 Fast connections to the South of Europe.
4 Reliable service of logistics specialist Helmer BV.
5 All office space is brand new.
6 Extra services such as customs facilities and truck weighing scales are available.
7 Synergy with produce companies in the area.

The former Jover buildings have been completely renovated. The warehouse was retouched, the cooling cells modernised and at the second floor a number of new office spaces has been built. Pictures in the slider below and at the foot of the article, show what has been done.

One new office has already been taken by Fresh Concept BV. This produce company is managed by Dieter Vanstaen and offers direct sourcing of soft fruits in The Netherlands and Belgium. To the question why choosing this location was such an easy choice, Dieter replies: “We’re at a good spot here for our connections to the South of Europe. Plus we’re right at the front of the business area, which means truck drivers don’t need to search a lot. It saves us quite some hassle and time explaining how to get here.”plattegrond

Fresh Concept has outsourced all it’s handling and logistics to Lizette Noordijk-Helmer of Helmer BV. Vanstaen: “Lizette is really on top of things and so are the guys in the warehouse. They’ll approach us on their own initiative when they question whether a pallet perhaps wasn’t loaded at the scheduled time. The administration always checks out, there’s never a pallet that get’s lost and it hasn’t happened yet that something was left standing. When we’re looking for a certain palletnumber, Lizette finds it for us within 15 minutes always. She’s worked like that for years now. No stock differences. That’s quite pleasant.”

During the reconstruction a number of choices were made to really improve the setting. All offices have been provided with daylight entry by constructing windows in the rooftop. Jan Vernooij: “We’ve chosen to fully furnish all offices. It should make it easier for foreign companies looking to establish themselves here. But whenever people bring their own furniture, we’ll simply remove everything that’s in here now.” There is room for multiple companies. One particular office unit is very complete with a large office that may facilitate a desk island, a meeting roam, a board room or administration office and a storage room.

The relaxation room is shared with the neighbours, even as the restrooms. Since there are shared facilities, it also offers the opportunity to divide offices amongst multiple companies, or for a single company to rent extra space. “It’s all new and fresh. The kitchen has a dish washing machine. Cleaning is included in the service costs. All restrooms are new. People often experience this things as pleasant,” Jan explains.

Where Jan, Dieter and Lizette are concerned, there will be new produce companies joining soon. “When companies can reinforce each other, it’s always beneficial to the synergy we try to create,” says Jan Vernooij. Interested are welcome to ask for more information or to plan a visit.

lichtinval centrale ruimte

Notice roof windows providing daylight.


Main office

A lot of depth to the main office.


Depth of Main Office

Excellent possibilities to create a large desk island.


Board room.

Meeting room or board room.


Administration office

Seperate board room, meeting room or administration office.


Shared relaxation room.

Shared relaxation room with lunch tables.


Pantry in relaxation room

Pantry and dish washer machine


Shared restrooms.

Shared restrooms.




Central corridor

Central corridor with offices to the left and a peek into the warehouse on the right.


Seperate office unit backside

Seperate office unit at the backside.

kantoorunit voorkant

Seperate office at the front side.



The entrance with loading docks to the left. Once inside, offices are upstairs.


Lizette Noordijk-Helmer

Lizette Noordijk-Helmer of logistics company Helmer BV. Never loses a pallet, tells within 15 mins where things are. Always loads 100%.


30 docks at the front end of the IABC auction compound in Breda. Drivers quickly make it in and out of the area.


Drivers desk

Drivers desk inside the cool loading area.


Loading area

Trucks loading at docks 17 to 20.

Cool cell

Cooling cells with new scaffolds.



Stored goods




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